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It is a physical rehabilitation carried out in the aquatic environment, we take advantage of the principles provided by the water to ease our body and use the resistance it provides us with to perform strength exercises, facilitate the recovery process and improve the body’s functionality.

On the other hand, by increasing reaction time, it allows us to perform more aggressive balance exercises and work on specific phases without any risk to the patient.

By exercising in water, a feeling of weightlessness is achieved, relieving the burden on the joints and spine, which is especially beneficial for people with musculoskeletal injuries or chronic conditions. In addition, the resistance of the water is adjustable, allowing us to adapt the level of difficulty according to the individual needs and abilities of each patient.

Among the physiological effects of aquatic therapy we find benefits for: Respiratory system, Cardiovascular system, Renal system, Musculoskeletal system, Neuromuscular system.

It is important to highlight the positive effects that aquatic therapy has on brain activity, making it a highly recommended therapeutic resource for the neurorehabilitation of patients who have suffered brain damage, both in the case of adults and children.

By using the unique properties of water, remarkable results are achieved in the improvement of strength, balance and coordination, which contributes significantly to the quality of life and well-being of patients.

Aquatic therapy
concepts we use:

Water specific therapy WST
Bad Ragaz ring method
Aerobic Exercise
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