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Manual therapy is a treatment technique involving manual manipulation of soft tissues and joints.

It groups a series of techniques for the treatment of pain and other symptoms of neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction of the spine and extremities, these are characterized by being applied manually and / or instrumentally.

The main objectives are to recover the range of motion, relieve joint pain, muscle and immediately improve the symptoms and functionality of the individual, is customized for each patient according to their specific needs.

Some of these techniques are:

Manual joint therapy

Group of low speed and high speed techniques that are used for analgesic purposes.

Myofascial manual therapy

Sustained tension inhibition, active motion massage, myofascial transverse/longitudinal gliding techniques, neural-loaded gliding, diacutaneous fibrolysis.

Manual neural therapy

Such as neurodynamic techniques, mobilization and stretching of peripheral nerve trunks and cranial nerves.

Visceral manual therapy

Massage techniques, pressure, … on the different organs and viscera to improve their functioning and relieve the radiating pain caused by these structures.

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