we bring you the latest evidence
in neuroscience for the
recovery of our patients

neurogenesis is a rehabilitation centre where we treat orthopaedic injuries, peripheral SN and central SN injuries.

We do this by means of various treatments, we manage to stimulate the affected structures, allowing them to recover skills that were thought to be lost.

During the last decade we have trained and worked in different countries such as Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, Central America, USA, allowing us to learn and obtain a very enriching experience to bring to our treatments a plus of quality. We are a collaborating centre with Cereneo AG, one of the world’s leading neurorehabilitation clinics.

The aim is to achieve the most complete recovery possible, providing you with all the information about your condition and evolution.

Respect and empathy are values that prevail in the treatment of our patients and their families, while our dedication and commitment are reflected in every treatment we provide.

Raquel Madrigal Rodríguez

Raquel Madrigal Rodriguez

Director and Founder of Neurogenesis.

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Neurogenesis Centre de Rehabilitació

Mo. a Fi. de 9h a 13h y 15h a 19h.

Av. d'Alcúdia, 247 07300, Inca, Mallorca.
Balearic Islands.

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