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An accurate diagnosis is essential for an intervention to be effective. The invasive therapies we use at Neurogenesis are a group of techniques that use acupuncture needles to treat structures in depth, applying different stimuli (mechanical, electrical or chemical) within the damaged tissue, depending on the type of lesion and the stage of pathological evolution of the problem. For greater precision, we use high-resolution ultrasound to guide and treat structures in a more analytical way, as well as serving as a diagnostic tool.

With the help of the advanced technology we use, we are able to design a personalised and effective treatment plan that guarantees accurate and reliable results, significantly improving our patients’ prospects of recovery.

The acupuncture treatments that are performed are Dry needling, used in physiotherapy to eliminate painful muscle points, Percutaneous Neuromodulation (PMN) is a very effective invasive physiotherapy technique that works on the nervous system and Percutaneous Intratisular Electrolysis (PIE), a technique that involves the use of ultrasound to guide the administration of an electric current through an acupuncture needle.

The injuries that are usually treated with this type of therapy are muscular disorders, patients with chronic pain, neuropathies, tendinopathies and sprains.

Our commitment to excellence and innovation allows us to offer an exceptional level of care and results, giving our patients greater hope in their healing process and well-being.

our invasive therapies

Dry needling
Percutaneous neuromodulation (PMN)
Percutaneous intratissue electrolysis EPI
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